So 2010

In 2010 I...
Brought my blog to life
Went to Papua new Guinea
Saw Mother Monster Live
Turned 18
Went Clubbing legally
Made awesome friends at uni & soaked up as much uni life...then deferred for 2011
Enjoyed many nights with friends in hotel rooms, living the life at the top
Finally got my drivers license
2010 = the year of the new. I tried so many new things I never thought I would even do. I went to Papua new Guinea for La Sallian Youth Ministry, I tried balut (don't judge me if you know what it is), I finished my first year of uni and surprisingly took a risk a deferred for next year, got a job in retail, met so many inspiring and amazing people, started this blog, began to be courageous and went skydiving and finally finally finally got my drivers license - this may not mean a lot to you, but for my brothers & sister who continually have to drive me places and pick me up - as well as my friends having to deal with my public-transport lateness, this sure means a lot!! I don't know where 2011 will take me but I'm so excited. With no uni commitments I plan on working my retail job as well as my new one at my old high school, then in my spare time doing the things that I've always wanted to do - continuing to learn to sew, learning the bits and bops to photography, furthering my styling skills with Wendy from Smittenwithstyle, applying for internships and work-experience as well as exploring Europe for the first time! Not only for World Youth day in Madrid but also to visit Grace who will be leaving us late Jan to spend a whole year in Spain.
2011 I'm ready for you! Bring it!

with love,
your little Lady B.

Buy Buy 2010!

Right after Oxford St we hit up Mid City!
Angelica wore: Witchery shirt, Mossman shorts (I swear we have every colour), Sportsgirl Bag, Asos sunnies, and Rubi Shoes. P.s that's our dad in the background. He wanted to get in a photo too. He bought yet another pair of boat shoes.
I wear: Glassons everything except Marc Jacobs Ring, Industrie Watch and LV bag.
I bought a few things to prepare me for my new job in the new year. Some beautiful miu-miu look a like pumps from Zoe Wittner, Kanzi leather bag, cotton on shirt, American Apparel skirt and Glassons jumpsuit. I'm really excited to style these pieces, but right now I've got to paint my nails and figure out my outfit for tonight NEW YEARS EVE!
p.s Angelica went mental at American Apparel. In the new year she'll be doing some outfit post of her own to showcase her stylishwanderer/Miley Cyrus inspired style. I know they are two totally different styles but Angelica is absolutely obsessed with those two at the moment.
p.p.s I'm still waiting on the postman. Pls come before 2011.

xxo Happy last day of the year!


Wise words from Galliano.

Who is enjoying these End of year sales? I am!
When the majority of your family is living the life overseas without the only logical thing to do is attempt to do the same. So to follow our ultimate Sky-diving adventure yesterday my dad treated my little sis and I to a bit of a Shop. I thought I'd show you my new dark orange high-waisted shorts that I bought from Mossman . I think its the beauitful fabric and fit of the shorts that I love so much and I am seriously head over heels, in love with that store. I'm actually considering going back tomorrow to buy these two amazing tops that I didn't buy today - the fabrics they use are just so great and for the price its amazing! ...On another note,does anyone know when the delivery/Postman goes back to work? I am dying to receive my package from Saks! Delivery is estimated 6-11 days and tomorrow is the 11th day so, pretty please delivery man ring my frikkeen door bell already. You will understand my desire/desperation for the postman once I show you what I finally got.
I'll leave you all with this quote from Mary-Kate & Ashley's 'Influence' So that next time you hesitate between what you want to be wearing and what the rest of the world is wearing, that you will remember this quote and wear what you want to wear and not only feel but BE amazing!

"FASHION IS THERE TO BE ENJOYED! To be indulged - to WOW in. Be sensational everyday!"
- Galliano
Bec & Bridge dress, Mossman shorts, vintage bag, Diva necklace, Marc Jacobs spiral ring, gifted ring, Sportsgirl hat & shoes & Glassons Sunglasses.

xxo your little Lady
- Baz



Jumping out of a plane 14000ft or 4.3km above ground - it's something I never thought I would do, not even in my wildest dreams. But today I conquered it! And it has got to be one of the most amazing and surreal experiences out of my 18 yrs of living. Whenever I'm on a plane I've always wanted to be able to reach out and touch the fluffy clouds and to my surprise...there wasn't much to touch, just air really, but it was amazing nonetheless, cold up in the clouds but so surreal! I love flying in planes, but this might be my new favourite thing to do in the sky. Wooo! I'm still so filled with adrenaline and its 8:41pm - meaning I did it almost 6 hrs ago haha. It's just one of those "WOW-OMG am I really doing this?" moments.

What a great way to finish up 2010. Wish you all the best in the New Year and maybe even get to meet some of you on my 2011 Euro trip!

p.s I was re-reading Rachel Zoe's: Style A to Zoe, and she mentioned that on a Jewish Camp they had to go Hiking up a mountain and she wore heels because she never does flats...so this morning when I was getting dressed I considered it for a second, then I snapped back to reality -- I am not Rachel Zoe. haha imagine that though! ohh Rachel! Gotta love her!

xxo, B
Goodluck with 2011, try something you never thought you would do!


Merry Christmas

Christmas on the beach, reading and floating calmly on the cool water.
Hope you all are having a great Christmas!


New Hair for the New Year!

I wore: Topshop Cropped Tee, Thrifted & DIY cut shorts, Glassons sandals, Sportsgirl Hat, gifted Bag, Dotti Sunglasses & random Khaki dress worn open

Tada! Here is some pics of my new hair and what I wore to go Christmas grocery shopping. It's such a buzz getting around to get everything prepared. I'm really excited for christmas with my little sister, dad and cousin. It's my first small christmas I guess I could say. Last year I spent Christmas with my family in the Philippines on a road trip through the mountains to get to Christmas at my aunty's new house. I can't explain in words how amazing and different last Christmas was so I've posted a video below that Grace made for her travel/life blog which you can check out here. It was my first Christmas where I actually got to know the majority of my family who all live in the Philippines. Check it out for yourself :) Have a Great Christmas everybody!


Busy B in Pink.

Bardot Blazer, Glassons: Lace Blouse, bustier top (worn underneath), High waisted Shorts, and leather belt. Vintage opal bracelet from the Antique center, gifted bag from my awesome grandma in Colorado and Sportsgirl sandals.
I wore this to work on tuesday. You like? Vote chic on my Chictopia
This whole week I have been so busy practising my driving, trying to hang with my family and with work. But it is now Thursday and I have some time to blog so here are a few updates to let you all in on. Firstly I passed my driving test and got my license!! YAY! Just in time for summer so I can head to the beach with the windows down and music blasting...now  I just need to know how to get there. ha. Secondly, I got my hair done yesterday by my awesome awesome hairdresser Mel. She wasn't able to do balayage (what i orginally wanted) but she did some blonde splices through my now, beautiful brunette hair. I love it and I definitely will take some pix today and show you hopefully soon!
P.s since I can't blog via my phone, follow me on twitter to keep updated! Its the next best thing!

Be Safe these holidays & Have a great Christmas!
lots of love,
Your little Lady B.


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

A few weeks ago I was determined to make it feel like Christmas. With Grace already in Darwin and my twin brothers, mum, and entire extended family holiday-ing and enjoying Christmas together in the Philippines. Dad, Angelica and myself will be staying here for Christmas. So inorder to find comfort in staying here for Christmas I went a little OTT with the Christmas decorations. Yesss I individually placed each flower on the staircase as well as on the fire place (1st pic). I wish you all a wonderful Christmas. Thankyou so much for reading and following me.
lots of love,
Your little Lady
- Baz

P.s atm I am not in sydney, I am out with a bunch of cool kids at the coolest place on earth - Camp La Salle. Happy Holidays! I'll be back on Saturday!


The night of nights

Last Thursday we hosted 'Pre-Formal' for Angelica and her friends. Some of Angelica's friends weren't attending the formal but still showed up for Pre-formal - cutest friends! ohhh bless!
Right after my sewing class I quickly dashed to the shopping center, on a mission to find the perfect accessories. Couldn't have done it without picture messages! Luckily the ring and cuff worked well with her whole ensemble. Looking fine lil sis :)
After many months of scouting around the whole of sydney both physically and on the WWW, we were surprised that we found her dress in the randomest place - DFO, in a little boutique called Mossman. From being witness to all the contenders: Wayne Cooper, Alice McCall and Manning Cartell, this was definitely THE ONE.She wore: Dress by Mossman, Abyss cuff, Peep Toe clutch, Shieke Ring, Mimco Earrings and Tony Bianco Shoes
Hair by Wennie, Makeup by Belle Pagano, Styling by Me & Angelica and tailoring by Irina Ivanova - EME FASHION.
With just a few minor/major hiccups along the way and even a could on the day, she had the most amazing night - enjoying her all girls high-school for the last time. I was so proud that she kept her heels on for the whole night, 2 days prior to her formal she couldn't even stand to walk in them for 5 minutes. So proud lil sis!
Angelica and her date Brandon. Seriously they are the cutest. (I hope she doesn't pound me for writing this) In the car on the way home like little angry song birds they belted the lyrics to every paramore song on the Ipod. Waaay cute right? Happy Holidays and Thanks for stoping