"But how can I be futuristic? I don't know what the future's like. We're in 2011?" 
Oh ANTM you had me at Simone. Besides straddling the boarder between sexy and disgusting men's-mag-slutty (as Charlotte would say) she is one hilarious girl. My other favourites include the pink-hair-beauty that is Izzy, the master of the mannequin poses, Jess and the stunning, Montana. And least favourites Caroline and Neo. Sorry ladies, your attitudes aren't funny, Cassi (cycle 5) was a funny, yes pure bogan but a lot funnier than you'll ever be. Please go home. -- okay maybe that was a bit harsh. 
Feeling pretty futuristic in this Asos cuff or as my sister just said "gladiator band"
A little razzle dazzle - its my master plan for tanning. You see, the sun reflects off my skirt & cuff onto my skin and Voila! tan skin. Its my beauty secret. Jokes, but NARS illuminator in Orgasm is fo reeeaaals. 

Zara men's basic, Vintage skirt, Asos Cuff and 3.1 Phillip Lim boots
Still in love after the post-online-purchase-honey-moon - you know the lull of ecstasy you feel when the deliver man presents you with his your package. You know he brought the goods. - Or maybe that's just me and the creepy-obsessed shop-a-holic inside of me. 


Snaps and snippets

Busy Bee aka me, has had no time to blog. So here are a few pics from a collection of days. 
1. Oh-so-dreamy 3.1 Philip Lim Booties from Shopbop
2. The outfit I wore to costco - it's official I am a cost co member. 
3. pretty rockin' rings from the queen of excessories, Lora.
4. Lora's cute flatforms
5. A layered ensemble ft. the lovely Lora
6. My last shift at 100 Squared. Sad, Yes. But exciting too! I'm the alien on the right :)

As Zipporra closes up shop at 100 Squared today and moves online, it couldn't have come at a more fitting  time! Because an amazing retailer is hiring, and yup, they looking for a stylist ;) I'm currently still in the interview process, so lets all cross our fingers, say a little prayer and hopefully we can all join in in a victory dance sometime soon. I'll keep you posted. 

P.s I've been working like a crazy person to get my business cards done in time for Melbourne Spring Fashion Festival next week. Fingers and toes crossed that that goes well too. 




And all is now revealed. When Amanda from Material Attention invited me to style Material Attention's latest campaign I was beyond excited. On the drive out to the location where the sealed road ended and bush land grew it got me really inspired for the shoot. So I am very proud to present the campaign to you. You can view more of the pictures here and shop at Material Attention to get your Wildfox, Minkpink and Evil Twin fix (just to name a few)

Stylist and Hair: Basilia Dulawan
Photographer: Andrew Tenchi Lin 
Photographer assistant: Nathaniel Chong
Models: Nicole Millar and Emily Lan-Anh
Makeup: Olivia Liu



Beyond the fields of Splendour this girl has an all-year-round effortless 'i'm-at-a-festival' look. She floats through pitt st usually wearing layers and layers of awesome - I'm talking scarfs, necklaces, bracelets... you now - festival attire. Tres Chic. Try it sometime! Email me, tweet me or even Facebook me your looks - Esp. if you have already mastered the art of layering.

xo B



Image via Duma's blog: here (I wish I could speak/read russian)
Let me start by saying that shit skirt is Bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Believe it or not it twas Gwen who taught me how to spell bananas. And it's the ever so stylish Miroslava Duma who has inspired me to dig deep through the jungle that is my wardrobe and find myself some print and some colour... You know me. colour crazy, so you'd suppose the dig would't be that deep. I'll let you know how it all goes tomorrow.

xo your little lady,




Created via polyvore

You know your obsessed when you repeatedly go to, look up or research a specific item of clothing online, and you know you are possessed when you find yourself calling all stores in sydney that might stock that one particular item that has you going all gooey-wide-eyed-and-crazy although you know you have to save. This is me currently after last week discovering the ultimate boot sent to my email from ssense.com regarding their 'new arrivals' - damn those email subscriptions! They are the dream boot by 3.1 Phillip Lim, her name is Penny - literally.  

....it's night time now. Bed time actually. You all know what I'll be dreaming about tonight... 

P.s I know I could have posted just a picture of the boot, but this post does have purpose. As part of self-reassurance that I need these boots (although trying to save for the big dream - Europe) I created just one out of many outfits I could wear with these b-e-a-utiful booties. They are worth it right? Right? 
P.p.s MmMmm I'm definitely on the hunt for fitted tailored pants similar to those Thakoon's! Since all my money will most probably go toward these boots, I'm thinking DIY? 

Whats your verdict? Tweet me, post on my wall, or comment me on this post. 
I need your help ladies and gents!


Shine like a S T A R.

As the weather begins to warm and the spring and summer season comes out to play don't shy away from those metallics. Between all the maintenance that summer brings it can all be a bit overwhelming, but there is one thing that should never scare you (besides boys pink 3/4 board shorts) and that's METALLIC!

Alexander Wang heels
Asos.com clutch
Use metallic accessories as your outfit statement piece to top off a neutral-monochromatic look, or team them with some OTT pattern-on-pattern (think Celine) or better yet add some shine to your fiercest colour blocked ensemble - you can't go wrong with a splash of Metallic!
These outfits could do with a good injection of metallic mania. 
If your feeling a little more adventurous try a little metallic in your clothing - metallic patterned pants like those Balenciaga's above, linen tee's with a slight metallic/waxed finish, or clothing with metallic trims or panels. Can't wait for the warmer weather... and I still want those white and silver Alexander Wang heels that I posted about here Mmmm.

I hope you've left this post wanting some metallic. I sure have.

xo Metallic addict aka me.

Photos via Alexanderwang.com Asos.com and Style.com

Pink hair and muscle tee's.

When you see effortless chic's like these two strolling through the city, it always makes me want to stop and snap them - but I get way to embarrassed to ask. Luckily for me, when they walked past it was actually my pink-haired friend, Jo. So I snapped away, capturing some super cute pics of them that I am however, forbidden to post. haha Fun fact: While selling me some shoes, Jo recognised me from my blog and we had a bit of a chat over that oh-so-blogger-of-me YSL ring and everything else in-between, soon enough we discovered we had a few mutual friends. Small world. Small world indeed. 



With three days to go you've still got plenty of time to win this bad boy! All you have to do is:

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We're going on a treasure hunt, we're gonna catch a big one.

Photos from a small part of the best weekend I've had in a long time (markets, Partying in the Ivy Pool, no hang over and my other bosses Engagement party) Oh and yes, my rozelle market virginity had been taken and experienced with only the best company - Karen and Dusk. Our free spirits, vibrant energy and love of old treasures made for a beautiful day in Sydney's (finally) warm winter weather!

With these kooky cats who wouldn't have a good day? 
Yes, she's a good boss. One of the best!

After we walked around wide eyed and slightly overwhelmed I managed to find a few pieces that were nothing short of amazing; while Karen was magnetically drawn to statement earrings, Dusk was drawn to everything (although vowing not to spend a cent! Clearly, pre-rozelle market mindset). Before we knew it, our hands were full, parking was boarder-line illegal and our tummys yearned for food - literally, it was yeaaarrnin'! We found ourself in the courtyard of what felt like a melbourne style cafe. We sat. We ate. We talked and talked some more. 
P.s meet my little Paris book of everything, a small reminder I need to save for PARIS! Rozelle markets - you are not helping this cause!

I wore: Vintage shirt from Victorious, Claude Maus jeans, Temt jacket, Lovisa necklace, Thrifted Akubra, Soles boots and vintage bag.

Photos taken by Dusk and myself. Read her post here at 'The Dusk Zone' -- She's clever I tell ya!
Btw, Karen is the amazing and talented designer of her emerging label Zipporra check it out! 


Insane in the membrane

Image via Streetfsn.com
MmmMmm... colours + patterns + coloured and patterned necklace = yum!


Un Pour Moi, Un Pour Toi

Un Pour Moi, Un Pour Toi - That's french for 'One for me, one for you' (I don't speak german french but for this post I can if you like?) I'm a big fan of this win/win situation we have before us. The lovely Jess from the newly opened online Molten store is offering both me and one of you - my lovely readers and friends the chance to score a the seriously stylish and highly coveted Pyrite Ring for this competition! We can do this! We can win this! YES WE CAN! If you believe as much as I do in Beyonce's fine words "If you liked it you shoulda put a ring on it" lets put and ring on it! I like it and I know you like it.. now lets put that ring on our finger!! Un pour moi, un pour toi?

This ring will not only complete every outfit you'll ever wear, but you will feel a sense of ah-mazing! Washington DC native Rachel Pfeffer has created a statement piece like no other, one-of-a-kind pyrite rings that will surely make you go gaga in her exclusive collaboration with Molten Store.
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Boot Scootin' Baby!

Images via Polyvore

(L-R) Topshop boots $235AUD
Acne Pistol Boot $505
Alexander wang  Ashley boot $1030
Acne Low rider boot $525
Acne Cypress boot $650
Opening Ceremony Toga Pulla ankle boot $1010
Jeffrey Campbell Chelsea boot $155
Alexander Wang Kat cap-toe boot $515

Although we may be heading into warmer months, the rest of the world is doing the polar opposite (pun intended), therefore bringing out clothing and boots for their cooler season that of course we wish we could wear despite the total impracticality. But never fear, these ankle are the perfect shoe for spring !  Punk up your denim up offs, cuffed chinos and loose dresses, tone down  your colour blocking high and cover up those nasty toe nails you forgot to paint. Ankle boots will be your best friend this spring /summer season and I'll get best use out of them when I'm off to chilly Europe in december. Boom! Double whammy! #exciting 
But I have to be wise, my boots need to  do the following:

1. Be warm
2. Withstand whatever european winter weather throws at them
3. Stay slip-proof (apparently grip is essential!)
4. Work with every outfit  (trying to pack light people!!)

What are your thoughts? Suggestions? Tips, and pointers? I need all the help I can get! 
Email me, tweet me, post on the blog, or leave a comment on the Facebook wall... I'm like a fish out of water here!


Planet of the Ape?

Wearing boys jeans wasn't something I was planning on doing ever. But upon stumbling on these slouchy pair at G-star I made my brother try them on. They are perfection: the right amount of patchy-ness, colour and slouch. Naturally he got them and naturally as ones sister does, I tried them on. Paired with my Julian Louie x Aldo wedges, glassons tank and vintage fur I think I gave it a touch of femininity. However, I have been told I look like a gorilla in the fur.... questionable... Yay? or Nay? (pls say nayy) P.s it was pretty warm when I took these pics but I needed to show you the new additions to my wardrobe. Thats some blogger dedication right thurr xxo B.

Bree Bennett vintag fur coat, Glassons tank, G-star jeans, Julian Louie x Aldo wedges.


Rare as red

Call me little Red. It seems that in the past month I have been magnetically drawn to the colour red. Red has become my thang and I quite enjoy it paired with the busy pattern on this cropped tee. 

Every morning as I venture out into the real world (usually during corporate peak hour) I always feel like I'm walking through a bunch of lasers that stare me down thinking "what on earth is she wearing?" "Why the red? It's a tuesday?" Well why not the red? Its amazing! I'm obsessed, it makes me feel good and I'm going to wear it. -- now you may call me the man people repeller.  
Dion Lee x Cue jacket, Alice McCall top, Glassons dress, Sportsgirl stockings and Zanita x Funkis clogs

AND one last thing... the winner is

Big thank you to all who 'LIKED' my Facebook page and entered! I'll have to make my next giveaway only bigger and better! Thankyou for your support and checking in here =)