The Australia Hybrid

While deleting a bunch of boring subscription emails last night, one that caught my eye was titled "Free flight to NYC" from StyleMeRomy.com. Within an instant I clicked to check it out, only to realise it wasn't what I thought it was, it was actually something a lot better - the finalists of the Australian's in New York fashion foundation. This is where my eyes discovered true love in the form of Natalia Grzybowski's designs. My oh my oh my do we have some talent here! She gets me excited. The modern design of the structured yet soft silhouettes, crisp white colouring and that all important print-on-print which we all know I love. 

'Hybrid' is a conceptual collection that combines elements of nature and technology in order to re-define our current visual interpretation of the female cyber-organism. Through the combination of natural, synthetic and technological elements the female body takes on a hybrid form: part human, part botanic. Opposing elements are united: simple, minimal silhouettes are combined with extreme and chaotic textile designs; historic botanicals are re-designed and technologically enhanced, and unconventional synthetic textiles are contrasted against natural. Each textile design has strategically designed and engineered for the body to eliminate textile wastage whilst creating a stunning visual effect. Each piece is an art form within itself, complementing, without overtly sexualising the female form, using shapes that are simultaneously structured yet soft, mimicking the form of a flower. 

Images and collection blurb via Natalia Grzybowski
Australian fashion continues to give birth to some breathtaking collections, go Australia! 
Happy Australia Day everyone. Hope you've all enjoyed yourself some good pavlova!



MINKPINK goes global!

Last week it was such a pleasure to join Minkpink along with a stylish bunch of Sydney-based bloggers to celebrate MINKPINK's global expansion. The tea party was filled with all the classics: cupcakes, timtams, lamingtons, scones and perfectly made fairy bread. It was great to meet the lovely Minkpink team who's excitement soon spread when they revealed the campaign video which you can watch here. Overall, I can't wait for the new season! They really have some great pieces that can easily elevate an outfit i.e the blue faux fur - yum yum yum. Whether you wear Minkpink top-to-toe or mix it in with a few other staples, I guarantee you will be b-a-n-g-i-n' ! And now wherever you live, you too can have a little Minkpink in your life. Now who wouldn't want that? Here's a few images to get you all smitten with Minkpink.

P.s since my sister's arrival today back into Australian waters, she's made me realise I do have a lot (and a lot) of clothes, but I'm sure I could make a little room for some Minkpink. Its. Just. so. good. Although I may just have to save it for my NY adventure, after all they are global now! 

xxo B


Red leather, yellow leather

...Red leather, yellow leather. Tricky isn't it? Neither colour actually. I was so over the moon when Karen who is the owner and designer for Zipporra took me to the NSW leather shop a few months ago to make me a leather bodice as a 'thank you' for styling her SS 11/12 campaign. From all the colours under the sun to choose from, I fell in love with this beautiful tangerine-orange leather. It's perfectly made and although I can't get in or out of the bodice without assistance (thanks bro) it honestly fits me like a glove! 

Wearing: Zipporra leather bodice, Vintage pants from Sportsgirl, Sportsgirl necklace and silver cuff, vintage opal bracelet,
Prada sunglasses, my little sister's Michael Kors watch and Zanita x Funkis clogs
You can get yourself a bodice here (they're ALL made to order, so they'll fit like a glove on you too!) or check out Zipporra's recently launched ASOS marketplace store here 


Pitt St Street Stylers

When you work full time it can really make that passion you once had for the job fizzle away, but when you work full time with these stylish people it only makes getting ready for work one of the best parts of your day. Below are a few snaps of the stylish Sportsgirl team in Pitt St. 

If you too work in Pitt St, or have read this post my blog you may recognise Monica's unmissable fro style. That day she channelled a minimal cool wearing Dion Lee x Cue jumpsuit/pants teamed with a sportsgirl Tee and our latest statement Jewellery. 

Monica is quite the creative type and ALWAYS impresses me with her DIY skills on jewellery.
Here we have Maddi, one inspired by one of Australia's 'IT' girls - Bing, aka Lara Bingle. 
Maddi's paired Sportsgirl's latest product with our vintage range sourced from all different corners of the world and exclusive to Sportsgirl Pitt St.

One of my favourite things to do at work is style our staff when they book appointments with us at our Style Me Studio. It's the best feeling when they really love the looks you've prepared for them and even wear them the next day. Kaci, who is our in-store Visual Merchandiser booked with Monica the previous day and wore this banging' outfit the next. Le Freak C'est Chic indeed!  

....so is this girl, Zara! That day she was inspired by Alexander Wang - the king of minimalism chic and what a perfect fit for the queen of minimalism herself. I've never seen someone pull off an all-black look the way Zara does it. It's so mysteriously cool. Za, pls fill me in on your secret!

Dolli, is rocking this pattern-on-pattern look. Her style always has an edge to it which I love! She's like a hybrid of bohemian-luxe-nicole-richie meets Aygness Deyn? Hmmm not sure if that's spot on, but you kind of get the idea right?

Now, let me introduce you to the final member of the Sportsgirl StyleMe team - Emily. 

Emily is such a dream to work with, and always lives up to her stylish reputation sporting a good 5'inches every day at work. I really don't know how she does it - there's only so much one can take. If I could, I would but with the doctors recommendation not to wear heels I'm steering clear of that for a while. 

Wearing: Sportsgirl button up shirt and cuff, Witchery shorts, Zanita x Funkis clogs, ILLARIY cuff and Lovisa bracelet. 
See? Clogs. This time a more neutral, shorter pair. Breaking them in is the hard part but I'm sure they will (soon) be the comfiest shoes I own. 

Expect more of these Street Style posts!

xxo B


Independant woman

Solange Knowles.

What a babe.

She is banging and she's the mother of this adorable boy whom I know will probably grow up with natural swag along side his new cousin, Blue Ivy. 

With all this news about the newest hollywood baby, little miss Blue Ivy Carter who would of thought I'd be blogging about Beyonce Solange Knowles. After reading this months issue of Oyster, I was reaquainted with the african-american beauty. And as you do, I followed her on twitter and checked out her blog titled My Damn Blog. Warning: you will be addicted. Like most tumblr's her's has that compulsive-clicking effect. It's got the qualities of a great tumblr: interesting photos, simple captions, and the inside into her fantastical life (nothing overly reblogged and blogged again - although what the hell am I doing? haha) I'm pretty jealous she can pull off those Prada sunglasses and her personal style is impressive. Just check her out for yourself, fall in love, get obsessed here.


... the technicolour dream coat

I've been waiting for this poncho to come in for a few weeks now. So as soon as I saw this sitting on the rail in last week's new delivery my initial thought was, well done sportsgirl! It's colour-blocked craziness is done in just the right proportion and it's one-size-fits-all approach (which I usually have a huge problem with) drapes wonderfully on my 5ft-smurf-stature - no pinning, double sticky taping or hemming required - take note fellow smurfs this is a keeper!
Bouncing around the floor at work I felt like Joseph in this amazing technicolour dream coat poncho, being the envy of customers and staff asking me where I got this beautiful piece. If I had a dollar for every customer who asked me if it was vintage, I'd have $3. But if I had a dollar for every time a staff member would ask me where I got it not even realising it was from our store, I'd have $5. #rich That's a total of $8. #hustling. 

Wearing Sportsgirl poncho and singlet, Supre pants, Clogs from China town, Zara belt and colette neck piece. 
P.s It's not the ground that I'm starring at it's those pieces of evil on my feet. They're the reason I've been walking with a slight limp in my step after work on friday and making me feel less Joseph more Snoop-doggy dawwg. I'm hanging up my clogs for now, and giving high heels a rest. According to the doctor I should buy shoes from Peter Sheppard shoes (waaah) and refrain from anything higher than 5cm. (double waaah) I'm going to be a smurf forever. 

xxo little B


2012, the world is not over!

Last year (haha ok, yes I mean last week) we had a day at work where we had to dress the way we wanted to feel in the new year. This is what I wore: my white and blue singlets from supre (one was only $4 #winning), these ever-so-colourful sass and bide pants and my little sister's shubar heels. Yes, I may already wear a copious amount of colour - and you know how much I like my colour - but for me 2012 is all about always dressing to feel alive, vibrant and confident. For me, it's about wearing things that make me feel good about myself. But if you want to delve into my dressing in a more 'philosophical' way, like some of the girls at work did, you could say that in 2012 I'm going to let my true colours shine. Now I just might! Sing it: "this little light of mine... I'm gonna let it shine, let it shine, shine, shine, shine, shine..." [End musical break out] 
Yep, I'll admit it, I'm a musical-theatre buff and gleek at heart. Just as a side note I may have died just a little when Cory Monteith made an appearance at Pitt St on this same day. See letting my true colours shine, see that? 

Supre singlets, Sass and Bide pants, sportsgirl necklace, Illariy cuff, Prada sunglasses and my sister's Michael Kors watch and Shubar shoes 
Besides being a gleek, I've also fallen head over heels with Prada recently. Aren't they beautiful? Treated myself this christmas. A small attempt to make up for not being able to join my family in europe. Although I don't think anything (material) will really make up for a picturesque Paris winter, contiki tour or seeing my dad aka 'the king of the mo', shave it all off in Milan. #priceless. 
This year will be definitely filled with surprises and I can't wait!

Hope everyone else has had a great start to this new year and thanks for the last one.
Keep smiling
xxo B