Ripe orange.

Wearing: Cue knit, Vintage dress from Sportsgirl, Sportsgirl skirt, boots, clutch and necklace, Diva necklace and Prada sunglasses.
One of my favourite things to buy is clothing that can be worn in more ways than one. Now I'm not talking about crazy designs where you put your thing down, flip it and reverse it... (excuse my Miss Elliot reference, the girls I work with are a lot more ghetto than you think) - I'm thinking along simpler lines where you can merely open up a buttoned dress and wear it as outerwear or take a scarf and drape it like a skirt. Never underestimate what you can create without getting out the scissors and sewing machine which can (as I've learn't) do more harm than good. 

P.s Putting this outfit together I felt really on the money, I felt chic. But looking at these photos now I feel more orangutan than anything else. haha #Manrepelling #win But hey? being an Orangutan can be cool, I guess it hasn't stopped me from posting these. Enjoy.


Spots, stripes and glitter.

Striped toes worn with Zanita x Funkis clogs and Sass and Bide pants.

You may get them foiled, painted, shellac'd, gelled, glued, or worn with a clear gloss coating, nails have their own way of showing their spots and stripes (and have for centuries now - check out The History of Nail Art) or rather we now can extend our style from head to toe nails and finger tips. 
Above are the stripes I decided to sport when I got my mani-pedi last week. With burgundy sparkly shellac'd nails on my fingertips, I opted for some burgundy toes with white stripes through it. I'm glad they actually look good because the usual nail design board the ladies give you mostly look - el-tacky-ti-no aka tacky. Not sure what I'll get next, but these runway mani's are a sure start for nail art inspiration. Nails never looked so good! 

Images via Refinery29
If your looking to get creative and nail savvy, Refinery29 have some really great DIY nail art slide shows and videos, I've done the marbling one and although the sticky tape, water and nail polish-dropping can be a little bit fiddly if you've got a spare 40minutes or so, do it! 

xxo B


Embellished armour and battle wounds.

With the crazy embellishment on this jacket it was the perfect way to add some va-va-voom to finish off this rather simple outfit. As a signature feature of any statement Sass and Bide piece, this OTT embellishment with colourful embroidery and red and gold beading was, believe it or not, one of the least OTT jackets they had in store. I was careful to purchase something that was timeless and this surely is. I mean, it is just a black jacket with a few minor major details. I've only had it for a while now, but I envision it standing the test of time and accompanying me on many special events, job interviews and even possibly this years Fashion Week - that's if I can score myself some accreditation. Let's hope for the best hey? 

I think the best part about having special pieces like this in your wardrobe is that they'll never fail to make you feel like a rockstar - especially with the amount of double-takes you get when you stroll past! Although that does have it's downfall - Note to self: NEVER wear shoes you that you may stack it in if wearing this jacket; flying under the radar is quite impossible. 

Wearing Sass and Bide jacket, Zara skirt, top borrowed from my Sister, Calvin Klein bralette and Sportsgirl boots and hat. 
 Knee bandage courtesy of 2 panadine forte's, a steep hill, a long board and courageous, stupid me.

Note to self no.2: Never wake up after having 2 panadine forte's and decide to longboard down a steep hill just because you thought the weather was too good to waste. This may lead to flying off your board, scraping your skin and ripping your clothing - never a good look.

xxo your little soldier, B.


Out of all the colours of the rainbow, I choose you pastels and metallics

Images via Asos.com, Style.com, Hermes, Ellery and Issey Miyake. Collage created by me.

[ Ellery sunglasses | Asos sandals | Issey Miyake bags | Tommy Hilfiger | Ralph Lauren | Marc Jacobs | 3.1 Phillip Lim | Preen ]
I'm not sure what has come over me these past few weeks, but I've slowly decreased my memory space on my mac and have cultivated a stash of images with nothing but pastels and metallics. It only seemed fitting that I share this with you before my mac goes koo-koo and gives me the rainbow-wheel-of-death - you know the one! 

Now when I look at my wardrobe I don't see any pastel brights, I just see BRIGHTS. What can I say? I was am addicted to colour. With our summer cut short and barely a summer at all, I refuse to pack my summer colours away. For a winter wardrobe update I'm thinking: A white blazer, pastel yellow leather vest (Acne, I mean you!), warm pastel green jumper (again Acne, but I wish I could afford you) and metallic accessories. I plan to team them up with crisp whites and a few rich winter colours like burgundy and teal. Seems like a lot of colour, can't wait to experiment a see what I can come up with - taking heaps of notes from The Man Repeller - she is the king of winter layering! 

xo B


ooomm bop - Shopbop!

On the rare occasions that I shop online my first online-store preference is Shopbop because whats not to love about free international shipping on orders over $100? Plus you get your goodies guaranteed within 3 days - now that is impressive huh! What I love most about Shopbop is that there is always consistent editorial-like photos on their home page, this one is called - Workwear for the Launch of their new Workwear Boutique. 
By now you should know I'm no master of minimalism but I do love my workwear looks. I think it's great Shopbop goes that extra mile to inspire every shopbop-er with the styling of these editorials and the links to shop those particular looks or pieces. Shopbop have basically done the work for you! They show you how to achieve a look and what pieces to achieve that look with, in their edited selection of pieces in their various boutiques i.e Workwear boutique. Now isn't that nifty? 

Melissa Gellman Weiss, of Shopbop puts it nicely

“...The Workwear Boutique offers our unique perspective on how to dress for work. 
It is a curated selection of the pieces that are appropriate for the office, without compromising individual style.”

Check it out for yourself if you haven't already, and go shopbopping here
xxo B