Winter inspiration

Lately I've been inspired by simple silhouettes with clean lines, unexpected co-ord patterns, quirky trainers and everything gold. Another thing that I (bizarrely) can't keep off my mind are dresses but not just any dresses, no body-cons here, no. I am simply obsessed with those sort of wrap style dresses - the super feminine ones - paired back with a man style button up shirt, or a cropped leather jacket. Right now my mind wants to put on a dress each morning but the only dress that it can reach for is my purple formal dress or sparkly high-neck-low-back 18th birthday dress I once wore - neither of them fit the bill. 

About 1 or 2 weeks ago, a girl came into my work sporting an amazing dress that fit exactly what I was after. Usually I am pretty shy when it comes to those things and can't build up the courage to ask where he/she had got it from, but this dress was too good to be shy about. So I did it (feeling like a total creep, but I did it). And although I do wish that it was by someone generic brand like Topshop or Zara - only so I could get my hands on one, Anna gave me an even better answer: it was by her. 

Exhibit A: The Perfect Dress. Wrap Style + White T-shirt sleeves already attached and a sly thigh-high slit. 

Everyone meet Anna Fox. One talented student/designer from New Zealand. Believe it or not, she made that bomber and it does look immaculately laser cut but it is in-fact all cut out by h a n d. *gasp* Would it be too much to ask to get one made for me? haha if only! I'll be waiting until this girl has her own online shop, or is stocked at Tuchuzy or The Corner Shop - shouldn't be too long now. 

What will be inspiring you this season?

Collage by me
Dress and outfit images courtesy of Anna Fox


Candy stars: Nicholas Kirkwood silk-twill sandals | Sophia Webster vinyl sandals | Nicholas Kirkwood metallic pink pumps

Like I said, I'm really loving pink. I think cure number #2 for that bad case of mono is an interesting shoe. Whether it be in the silhouette, colour, pattern or in its nifty bells and whistles, take it and it will work - but if not, never fear it's an artwork in itself, it will look great on top of your piano, desk or mantelpiece or for when you get coveteur'd. Take note from this fellow pink-addict. 

Or for those who haven't come down with that mono(chromatic) addiction, I suggest you give this ago:

Minimalist silhouette and clean lines, but styling like a maximalist.  Metallics really are the new neutral. 


Collage by Me
Flamingo background you can find here
Street Style Snaps by Nam from Streetfsn


Bad case of Mono


The winds are a-changing' and it seems I have found myself putting puzzle pieces together rather than mixing and matching mashing. Green on green for my 21st birthday felt like the only possible combination even though other suitors had caught my eye - hey there Sara Phillips. And it has been the same story ever since. Black on black here we go. (wait til you see casual Pink on Pink)

3.1 Phillip Lim Tee, Sportsgirl pants, Isabel Marant boot heels and Dannijo earrings
It's no secret, I do love New York. I thought I needed to get this tee just incase no body knew. Now you now...along with everyone along oxford st. 

Black is black is black is black, but pink is here to cure that bad case of Mono..(chromatic) addiction. I need to buy more solid colours if I want to commit to this trend. American Apparel + Scanlan and Theodore, dress me forever? Totally in love with the crisply tailored pieces of Scanlan and Theordore's  AW collection. The photos don't do it justice, the sheen in the fabric is actually fantastic - flash back to when I owed a lot of satin circa 2004 those we're some terrible times - fashion crimes. This time around I'll try not to commit any. 

Thanks again to the talented Andrea for taking these pics and hanging out with me. She's shooting for the first time at Fashion Week this year - wishing you all the best girl!

Happy Monday! 



Make a bold statement

Wish blouse, H&M skirt, YSL shades (borrowed from my lil sis) and novo shoes
Absolutely loving pencil skirts this season - especially this one I picked up in the H&M store in New York. As soon I saw it I thought it was a piece of artwork, a timeless statement piece if you will. I thought I'd have to be pretty brave to wear something of this length, something of this fit and something of this bold geometric print. But when I found out my sister was doing The World's Greatest Shave, I knew that she was truly brave. Making a real bold statement and going bald

Today is my sister's 23rd birthday and this sunday she is shaving her head in front of all her sponsors and loads of friends and family. This means she won't have hair to style for her graduation in May, or hair to braid when she moves over to Bolivia. So with that on our mind all this week we've been whipping out our GHD and doing what we can while my sister still has her long beautiful, beautiful hair. Damn she's brave! Reading her post on why she's shaving for a cure made me realise that it wasn't about her, but about the bigger cause she was contributing to. I'm pretty proud of her and think she'll look amazingly bold bald - don't worry follow me on instagram for Sunday's updates - but if you would like to show your support you can sponsor her here

Make a statement this week, be brave.

xo Baz

All photography by Andrea