Winter inspiration

Lately I've been inspired by simple silhouettes with clean lines, unexpected co-ord patterns, quirky trainers and everything gold. Another thing that I (bizarrely) can't keep off my mind are dresses but not just any dresses, no body-cons here, no. I am simply obsessed with those sort of wrap style dresses - the super feminine ones - paired back with a man style button up shirt, or a cropped leather jacket. Right now my mind wants to put on a dress each morning but the only dress that it can reach for is my purple formal dress or sparkly high-neck-low-back 18th birthday dress I once wore - neither of them fit the bill. 

About 1 or 2 weeks ago, a girl came into my work sporting an amazing dress that fit exactly what I was after. Usually I am pretty shy when it comes to those things and can't build up the courage to ask where he/she had got it from, but this dress was too good to be shy about. So I did it (feeling like a total creep, but I did it). And although I do wish that it was by someone generic brand like Topshop or Zara - only so I could get my hands on one, Anna gave me an even better answer: it was by her. 

Exhibit A: The Perfect Dress. Wrap Style + White T-shirt sleeves already attached and a sly thigh-high slit. 

Everyone meet Anna Fox. One talented student/designer from New Zealand. Believe it or not, she made that bomber and it does look immaculately laser cut but it is in-fact all cut out by h a n d. *gasp* Would it be too much to ask to get one made for me? haha if only! I'll be waiting until this girl has her own online shop, or is stocked at Tuchuzy or The Corner Shop - shouldn't be too long now. 

What will be inspiring you this season?

Collage by me
Dress and outfit images courtesy of Anna Fox

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  1. That jacket is AMAZING. So super rad. Anna Fox is ridiculously talented xx



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